Ali's ZIP 2 FTP Interface

Hostname :
Username :
Password :
Port (standard is 21) :
Folder in which to upload :
ZIP file :
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WHAT THIS SCRIPT DOES: This script will take your ZIP file, which has to be smaller than 512 MB, and decompress it in the folder on the FTP server you've specified. While doing it, it will also give you information about what it has done at the end of this page...

HINT: if you need to do some more complex FTP tasks, you may find Ali's FTP Interface quite useful! ;)

HINT II: if the ZIP file you want to decompress is on a web server (like a PHP forum, for instance), you can directly use Ali's ZIP 2 FTP Interface: Remote Edition and avoid the file download-upload phase.

(click here to get the PHP source of this ZIP 2 FTP interface)

Ali's ZIP 2 FTP interface created by Savas Ali Tokmen